From our friendly dispatchers to our highly trained technicians, we do everything we can on each and every service call to be the very best 24-hour locksmith Spokane! It means staying on the cutting edge of trade tools and training, treating individuals and businesses fairly and with respect, and always responding promptly, night or day. We believe those values are the cornerstone of building the premier Spokane locksmith service and want to be the solution for all of your commercial, residential and automotive locksmith needs.


Lockouts aren’t conveniently planned events. They’re annoying and, sometimes, worrisome interruptions to our daily lives. We understand this. That’s why our dispatch team and professional locksmith technicians are always ready to respond and help get your day (or night) back on track.


Originally settled by the Spokane tribe of hunter-gatherers many thousands of years ago, the Spokane area was first settled by Europeans in the early 1800s. Explorer and geographer David Thompson led a group that set up a trading post at the confluence of the Little Spokane and Spokane Rivers that would serve as the center of the fur trade between the Rocky and Cascade mountains for nearly two decades. The Inland Northwest’s first major growth spurt didn’t occur, however, until the construction of the Northern Pacific Railway and the discovery of vast amounts of gold and silver in the late 19th century. The city of Spokane, then known as Spokan Falls, was settled in 1871 and officially incorporated 10 years later. The Spokane area quickly became one of the most valuable and productive mining districts on the continent of North America.

Long known for its mining, agriculture, timber and other natural resources, Spokane hosted the 1974 World’s Fair and is now home to a growing array of services and industries, including medical, high tech and biotech. The “Lilac City” as it’s sometimes called is the second largest city in the Washington state, behind only Seattle. Spokane counts Gonzaga and Whitworth among its four local universities and is the birthplace of Father’s Day.

After decades in flux, Spokane’s downtown area is experiencing a “rebirth” of sorts. Spurred by the expansion of the Spokane Convention Center, construction of a new arena and other entertainment venues, and the planned construction of more mixed residential-commercial developments like Kendall Yards, more and more businesses and residents are being drawn to downtown Spokane. The movement is filling once vacant buildings, creating innovative new spaces and reaffirming optimism in the city’s future.

Spokane’s neighborhoods are also drawing increased attention because of the rich history they reflect. In fact, 18 National Register Historical Districts are recognized throughout Spokane. Among its more well-known neighborhoods are Hillyard, Riverside, South Hill and Brown’s Addition, with styles ranging from Victorian-era to contemporary.


Whether you’re at home, at your office or place of business or on the road in between, Northwest Locksmith is ready to serve. The truth is, if you need a Spokane locksmith car issues themselves might be the least of your worries. Something as simple as a lockout could mean a child or pet’s life is endangered, or a lost or broken key could mean missing a critical deadline or important event. We pride ourselves on speedy, affordable roadside locksmith service and are dedicated to solving your issue and getting you back on the go.

If you’re looking for a professional but cheap locksmith Spokane WA, call Northwest Locksmith and put your locksmith troubles behind you!